First National Bank
"Which bank do you work for?" First National. "Is that First National on Main street or the First National on 2nd?" Neither. I'm at First National and Trust across from the First National on Main street. "Oh, the light green one? Yes, that First National. It's not really light green. The...
iOS6 vs. Android Ice Cream Sandwich
This past Friday, Techcrunch reported (via Apsalar) that "core" Apple users (see what i did there) are adopting iOS 6 even faster than iOS 5. 122% faster in the first 2 days. Apple has obviously built a passionate fan culture while Android has taken a nice chunk from the the...
Instagram - 10 million downloads per day
Instagram, the  free photo-sharing program and social network that was launched in October 2010, has definitely made a few headlines over the last year. A billion dollar acquisition by Facebook taking the cake (even with valuation tumbling to a pedestrian $800 million due to Facebook's IPO woes). And a recent stirring stat further validates Instagram...
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