Too Many Tools
As the number of banks continues to shrink, their technology choices seem to multiply. Banks have invested a lot of coin in the improvement of customer experiences these last 10 years. Investments range from new email systems, rewards platforms, CRMs, and intranets to mobile and online banking tools, websites, web...
First National Bank
"Which bank do you work for?" First National. "Is that First National on Main street or the First National on 2nd?" Neither. I'm at First National and Trust across from the First National on Main street. "Oh, the light green one? Yes, that First National. It's not really light green. The...
You can't "Drape" into your bank brand
Bank brands are the worse. A few years ago, a group in the U.K. asked consumers what brands they'd like to sit next to at dinner. Facebook, Apple, Nike, and the usual suspects popped up. No bank brands at the table. More surprisingly, the same survey asked which brands respondents...
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